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Flow Grow Thrive

Virtual Telehealth Psychotherapy and In-Person Professional Integrative Therapy

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Welcome to Living Well Psychotherapy

We care deeply about the growth and development of every individual we work with. We connect deeply with your unique pain, facilitate healing, and growth to help you live your best life. Our clients don’t just heal their wounds and reduce their symptoms, they grow, transform, and increase their capacity to live fully in their lives, relationships, careers, and sense of purpose.

Our process is rooted in healing practices that work directly with your nervous system to address trauma, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and relational challenges. We strongly emphasizes overall wellness in terms of mind, body, spirit, and community and are very relationally focused. Relationship often bring us the most joy and pain in our lives and we helps clients heal relationally as well as individually.

We are a heart-centered practice. We ultimately seeks to fully restore your capacity to give and accept love, to set boundaries and excel at self-care, and to live a life of purpose and connection. 


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Whether you are struggling to stay afloat, hitting a wall, and need help, or simply wish to feel more fulfilled and at the top of your game in relationships, life and business. Living Well is a great place (and a safe place) to begin this journey.

Does one of our team member especially resonate with you?

Catherine Rodl

I will work alongside you as you process difficult life experiences, learn healthier coping skills and gain a better understanding of your needs.

Steven Thorpe

I encourage you to reach out and see what’s possible when you invest time and energy into your healing. I help individuals and couples open a transformational space where anything is possible.

Ruth Minnick

I am an emotional intelligence coach with a Masters in Transformational Leadership & Coaching. Together, we can create a visual blueprint of how to rebuild and re-write your potential with innate abilities you may have forgotton or never discovered.

In-Person Integrative Therapy

Approaching body, emotions, and spirituality together for a greater sense of purpose.

Vitual Telehealth Psychotherapy

Our clients have surprisingly grown to love the convenience of Zoom and phone therapy.

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Flow Grow Thrive

Telehealth Psychotherapy and In-Person Professional Integrative Therapy

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