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Our Therapy is Grounded in a Psychodynamic Therapy Process

Our therapy is grounded in a psychodynamic therapy process meaning that we believe that everything we have manifested to this point has a purpose rooted within the unconscious mind. We view our lives as a magnificent project to be understood and worked upon. We honor the behaviors, defenses and tools that we have created from our childhood because they helped us survive. Also, understand that certain behaviors may not serve us to live our full potential. As we gain greater awareness of ourselves, our patterns of behaviors, and our past, we develop tools to author our lives in the present.

The Core Branches Of Our Psychodynamic Process Work With Understanding Our Emotions, Thoughts, Early Life Experiences, & Beliefs

Gaining deeper insight into ourselves helps us understand our current tools, and how we navigate distress so we can begin to change patterns with new more adaptive coping mechanisms.

Relationship is another key element of the psychodynamic process and is at the heart of our approach to therapy. This means that we work to help clients feel loved, appreciated, seen, understood, and affirmed as they come to understand themselves through the lens of the therapeutic relationship.

In the process of navigating early life experiences, we work to help clients re-parent themselves, giving love and support to the parts that feel vulnerable, reactive, unlovable, and challenging. We model how we can embrace and tend to these younger less developed parts rather then hiding them away in hopes that they won’t resurface in our relationships, at work, or with self-criticism.

Group Therapy Is Also An Important Part Of Our Practice

A group creates a wider lens for clients to understand themselves as others see them. A loving and supportive group can give a corrective experience of family relationships and sense that we are lovable even with our flaws and shortcomings. We learn that we are not unique or alone in our pain and that we don’t need to bury away parts of ourselves in order to be lovable. We work on reducing shame and learning to accept ourselves deeply while developing deep relationships and connections with others.

Psychodynamic therapy, whether performed with individuals, couples, groups or families aims to generate wellness through reducing symptoms and create new tools to improve our lives. It allows us to rework our relationships with our primary care givers so we can correct mistaken belief patterns that we all have learned in childhood. We work with the unconscious mind and the neural network of wiring within our brains to literally re-wire our potential with new beliefs, behaviors and emotional capacity.

Group Therapy - Psychodynamic Process

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