Group Therapy accelerates growth by bringing us into close rapport with other people in a safe environment

Book a session with a trained Group therapist to help you resolve whatever is ailing you. Our team of therapists are passionate about helping individuals overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of their wellbeing and potential.

Group Therapy accelerates growth by bringing us into close rapport with other people in a safe environment and by illuminating how we interact in relationship, partnership, and emotionally in our lives, allowing us to develop new skills and healtrauma from our past.

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Why choose Group Therapy?

Relationships are the key to happiness and often the source of our misery. Group therapy gives us the perfect venue to explore our relationship patterns, come to see how and why others respond to us the way they do, and learn to have deeper and more meaningful connections to others and to ourselves.

Most of our personal work comes from incomplete parenting, unsafe and unsatisfying relationships, and our inability to be fully authentic with our desires, needs, and wants. The goal of your engagement in the group is to become more honest, spontaneous, and communicative as you reduce shame and express yourself more authentically. Belonging to a healthy group a fast-track to personal healing and transformation through creating healthy attachments.

Our process group integrates coaching and personal growth grounded in research best of psychotherapy practices. As agroup bringing together several evidence-based approaches, we will give great focus on what is happening in the “hear-and-now” relationship between group members.

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Whether you are struggling to stay afloat, hitting a wall and need help, or simply wish to feel more fulfilled and at the top of your game in relationships, life, and business, Living Well is a great place, and a safe place to begin your journey.

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Group Therapy is perfect for you if you are dealing with…


When John started group, he often second guessed himself and assumed that others saw him as a disconnected know-it-all who wasn’t very warm or loving. At first he was defensive and always in his head about things, almost proving himself right about people’s judgements.

But as John learned to lower his defences, express himself more vulnerably and authentically, and express his feelings in addition to his thoughts, other began to see him differently and his self perception improved dramatically. He began to show parts of himself that were not accepted in his family growing up and his relationships changed at work and at home, but most importantly, with himself.


Jill felt unsure of herself and unprepared for the leadership position she was taking on at work.She found that the group was very supportive and she got a lot of feedback about how to ask for things and set expectations while letting people know she was on their side. By practicing her relationship skills in group, she noticed she felt less anxiety and we able to sit with her own discomfort around being an authority.


Debra was so afraid of offending others that she would avoid asking for what she needed only to end up resenting other people when she didn’t get her needs met. In group she learned that is was not only ok to have needs, but that people trusted her more when she didn’t just smile and play nice. Eventually she learned to be direct, to set boundaries, and to learn that people were there for her.

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