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Transforming Touch, a distillation of Somatic Experiencing is a body based psychotherapy that works directly with your nervous system to create balance, regulation, relaxation, to restore a sense of safety, and to recover from developmental and attachment trauma. This process was created by Steve Terrell. 

This technique uses gentle touch to sync up the client’s and the therapist’s nervous systems so the therapist can teach self-regulation on a visceral and unconscious level using the principles of polyvagal therapy and interpersonal neurobiology. 

The foundation of this practice is gentle touch in the lower back, supporting the adrenal glands located in the kidneys to release and relax. This calms the entire Hypothalamus, Adrenal, Pituitary Axis that is the engine of our fight and flight response to threat and trauma. A hallmark of trauma is to be chronically stuck in either fight or flight or in freeze and fawn. When we feel stuck in these responses long term, we can experience symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, fogginess, health problems, relationship issues, and a disconnection from our bodies and sense of purpose. By learning to return to a space of regulation, clients begin to feel at home in their bodies and reconnected to their sense of self. 

Next the therapist will gently cradle the back of the head, extending healing to the brain stem, enhancing feelings of well-being and safety. There are also techniques to soothe and regulate the fascia—a layer of connective tissue, that often harbors emotional tension. These methods can alleviate symptoms like agitation, overwhelm, and the physical sensations of fear and pressure around critical areas like the chest.

You may also explore the integration of Primitive Reflexes—innate responses from early development that, if not properly integrated, can interfere with self-regulation and daily functioning. This can manifest as having to work extra hard to be around people, to recover from small stressors, or to be exhausted by daily life. By addressing these reflexes, the therapy helps free individuals from disruptive patterns and enhances overall well-being.

Transforming Touch is an invaluable complement to traditional talk therapy, preparing the body and mind for more effective psychological healing by regulating the nervous system first. Research supports that physical changes in response to stress can impact our emotional openness and flexibility. By stabilizing the body first, the therapy paves the way for a more resilient and optimistic mental state.

Our hope is that through Transforming Touch, you may experience accelerated relief from stress and trauma under the guidance of a one of our trained therapists. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your emotional equilibrium or find a new path to healing, Transforming Touch offers a promising new avenue to explore.

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