Somatic Therapy

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Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a revolutionary approach to healing that can help relieve symptoms of trauma, stress & anxiety.

Book a session with a trained Somatic therapist to help you resolve whatever is ailing you. Our team of therapists are passionate about helping individuals overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of their wellbeing and potential.

Somatic Therapy is a fast, Evidence-Based Method for relieving Trauma, PTSD & Anxiety so you can get back to feeling yourself.

This therapy works directly with the architecture of your nervous system to relive the symptoms of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms and syndromes. Somatic therapy works by tapping into your nervous system and helping you regulate your most extreme emotions. More importantly, Somatic Therapy helps us process and overcome crippling anxiety, feelings of being numbed out, feeling of being out of control, or having extreme reaction to things. Unregulated emotions can haunt us our entire lives, sapping our happiness, confidence, drive, and willingness to take risks and get close to others.

By processing (desensitizing) the experiences that have programed your nervous system to be on high alert, you can begin to relax into all of your strengths, gifts, and beautiful qualities. Somatic Therapy allows you to change the very foundation of how you experience yourself.

Somatic Therapy can help with both the healing of psychological pain and physical discomfort related to trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and other life events. It is used to effectively treat both upsetting past events and present life conditions.

Somatic Therapy allows us to work through anxiety, anger, trauma, relationship problems, or any number of issues by working directly with our nervous system to move from a fight and flight response to life events into a more balanced and integrated response to life events in which we have more control over our thoughts and feelings. It has a major advantage over traditional talk therapy in that it changes us on a deeper level so we don’t have to “remember” not to be afraid, angry, or hurt -rather, it resolves the emotions so we no longer feel these ways when confronted with problems.

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We know you’ve searched for Somatic Therapy on the web and now you have a question, request, or both. That’s why we’ve curated some of our most common trauma related requests below. If you are considering Somatic Therapy, submit the form below to get in touch an a member of our team will get all of your questions answered.

Somatic Therapy is perfect for you if you are dealing with…


When he was able to relax, Alex knew that he was on the right path, that he was safe, and that he was respected, but when he was triggered his anxiety made him feel out of control. Through talk therapy he was able to gain a larger perspective, but he wasn’t able to change his feeling of panic and overwhelm. Over time he learned to calm his nervous system and move out of a fight and flight response and developed a more balanced approach to the challenges he faced.


It has been difficult for Debra to know how to feel about the anxiety around Covid. On one hand things seem to be opening up, but she felt an inner sense of panic when she even thought of being around people. She wanted to go out and reconnect, but she found herself making excuses to remain isolated. Debra had to tune into her body and release the fear of a more visceral level than her conscious mind could manage, and once she was able to let the fear go on a cellular level, she felt more in control as to whether or not she wanted to participate in social engagements. She felt empowered and more secure in her decisions, trusting her instincts rather than being ruled by fear.


David had a hard time trusting and felt distracted and agitated if he felt people wanted something from him or expected too much of him. He had a hard time separating his own emotions from the expectations of others. By learning to relax his racing nervous system and to integrate his memories and experiences, a new, more confident sense of self emerged that allowed him to be more successful at work, in his relationships, and with his family. 


Kim was overwhelmed by her daughters emotions and found herself shutting down when her daughter was upset, which would then lead to melt-downs. Kim learned to breathe, self-sooth, and stay with her own sensations and her daughter’s emotions. She learned that by tending to herself and calming herself down she was able to teach her daughter to self-sooth and regulate her own emotions. 

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