Breathwork Therapy

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Breathwork therapy is a highly personal, experiential process that uses breathing techniques.

Book a session with a trained Breathwork therapist to help you resolve whatever is ailing you. Our team of therapists are passionate about helping individuals overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of their wellbeing and potential.

Breathwork is a highly personal, experiential process that uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental, and emotional blocks, while reducing overall stress levels. It is about letting go, releasing control, and allowing the breath and allowing intuition to guide us through the healing that we need at the time.

Breathwork empowers us by bringing awareness, courage and insight into the parts of ourselves that we may have given up our power by releasing self-limiting patterns and behaviors.

Why choose Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork expands our ability to experience the positive feelings of joy, love, and pleasure through deep conscious breathing.

Early in life we learn to suppress our emotions physically by tensing muscles and restricting our breath. This protective process becomes automatic over time and we lose the capacity to fully experience and express our emotions. Breathwork is a powerful, holistic process that promotes natural recalibration of breathing patterns, the neuromuscular system, and emotional body. Deep conscious breathing offers us an opportunity to access hidden dimensions of our personalities the body while instantly releasing restrictive patterns and behaviors by liberating the breath.

Physical Benefits

  • Detoxifies the body on a cellular level
  • Increases energy levels and vibrant health
  • Activates healing response in back, neck, and shoulder areas
  • Shifts the bodyfrom an acidic to an alkaline state
  • Gently releases repressed emotions on a cellular level
  • Activates the body ́s natural healing response

Physical Benefits

  • Greatly increase vitality and life-force levels
  • Gain clarity on your Life’s Path
  • Promotes emotional and physical self-healing processes
  • Increase intimacy and interpersonal awareness
  • Gently release stress, anxiety, anger and fear energies
  • Learn valuable tools for healing trauma and addictions
  • Experience greater connection to your heart ́s inner knowing
  • Expand your intuition and consciousness

Interested in Breathwork Therapy but still have a few questions?

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Mike felt heavy and depressed most days and didn’t have much energy or ambition. At first is was difficult for him to take deep breaths, he found that below his stick feelings of powerlessness was a well of anger that he would not allow himselfto feel. Breathwork brought this anger to the surface, allowed him to feel it, processes it, imagine using it to set boundaries, and energized his body and mind. As he allowed himself to feel and express his anger, his work life and relationship improved and his feelings of powerlessness began to lift.


Frank didn’t have a lot of memories of his childhood and always felt nervous around other people. He was always worried about what they were thinking and he felt like he was shrinking himself so as not to be noticed. Breathwork brought a tremendous amount of energy into his body and insight about why he felt so stuck. He realized that rather than waiting to see how people would respond to him, he could shape their response based on how he showed up, connected, and interacted. Breathwork helped him feel energized, embody his power and purpose, and connect with himself and others on a deeper level.

Spiritual Awakening

Ben had always had a spiritual perspective on life but never felt personally connected to anything above or outside of himself. Through breathwork he was able to transcend his mind and connect with himself on a much deeper level. He began to feel like he was connected to other and to the universe through a universal life force that he had tapped into through the power of breath.

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