Stefani Azores-Gococo MA, NCC

As a counselor, I strive to provide a brave, compassionate, collaborative, and welcoming space for us to work through your issues, provide you with extra support, or just to show up authentically. Together, we can explore how your experience has influenced you through reflection, insight, humor, play, and creativity. My practice is integrative and draws from psychodynamic, internal family systems, attachment, trauma-informed, systemic, and relational-cultural theories.  These theories help me to understand you and drive the direction of my curiosity. Clinical interests include couples, complex PTSD, intergenerational healing, the Asian American experience, alternative presentations/styles (goths, etc.), relational issues, and sex and intimacy. I have experience working with ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and trauma. I utilize EMDR as a tool to facilitate meaning-making surrounding painful experiences. 

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Theatrical Costume Design and a BS in Psychology before working as a freelance designer in Chicago theatre. My years as a theatre artist helped me discover the power of relationships and the importance of stories. I was encouraged by my loved ones and emboldened by the state of our country to pursue my Masters in Clinical Mental Health from Northwestern University. In my free time, I enjoy video games, nail art, horror movies, baking, and reading magical realism. 

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