Chelsea Dillavou, LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, I provide a safe space for self-exploration and growth by using a compassionate and client-centered approach. We will work together towards healing and building a life of resilience and fulfillment. I am passionate about empowering you to connect with your body as well as your mind as a pathway to healing. By using and combing evidence-based approaches such as EDMR, somatic embodiment, and mindfulness, as well as the cognitive approaches CPT, ACT, and DBT, we will learn what you need to improve your emotional and physical well-being and create the life you want.

I have experience in various levels of care, including inpatient, PHP, medical, and outpatient settings. My work has taken me across the country and back again, including providing mental health services to active duty members of the military as well as working for a day program at UCLA. This has allowed me to obtain extensive experience in addressing complex trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders.  I am an advocate of social justice and am committed to inclusivity and equality for all. 

I have a Masters in Social Work and have completed extensive training in CPT, ACT, DBT EMDR, and somatic approaches.  I look forward to connecting with you to begin our work together.

Let Us Help You Embark On A Journey Towards A More Vibrant Life