Richard Mendoza

As a counselor in training, I will ensure that the client’s needs are put first by building a collaborative relationship. Building trust and ensuring that the client is the expert on their experiences is crucial in setting a foundation for this relationship. I invite you to share your experiences in this space and hope it allows you to recognize your authentic self. I hold a judgment-free space that allows the ability to speak and understand relationships, environment, past, and self to build a healthier, more fulfilling life.  

My own experiences and bias regarding mental health were factors in making the transition into the field from my previous career in Engineering. I previously obtained my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Cal State Long Beach. It has been a rewarding and challenging journey in reprogramming from thinking in absolutes to more ambiguous ways of thinking. The stigma regarding mental health in my culture was eye-opening, motivating me to raise awareness and education regarding the benefits of the work.

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