Jazmine Joyce

I find that I wholeheartedly experience joy in providing support for those who experience anxiety and all the different ways anxiety can show up, as well as those experiencing relationship concerns, be it with friends, partner/s, and or family members. My interest also lies in working with the LGBTQIA+ community, CODAS or those immersed in Deaf culture, individuals in non-monogamous/polyamorous relationships, people experiencing depression, sex workers, kink-practicing individuals, and those practicing or who are from eclectic spiritualities.

Therapy sessions will be a time to get to know you intimately, present your concerns, set goals, offer insight from your past, and heal in a collaborative way that makes the most sense for you. I aid in helping you access your insight and empower you through integrative, anti-ableism, strengths-based, sex-positive, feminist, and empathic approaches.

Therapy is the epicenter of who you are now and the hurt you are seeking to heal in order to access the person who lies just beneath that. I welcome you to take part in the journey of working with your growing pains instead of working against them through means of providing a safe and supportive space.

Let Us Help You Embark On A Journey Towards A More Vibrant Life