Brianna Robles

Brianna Robles, LCPC

Often our experiences, upbringings, and circumstances detach us from who we truly believe ourselves to be. We find that the way we’re doing things is no longer working and we seek to find the answers we have been searching for. It is my honor to accompany you on that journey of reconnecting you to your true, higher Self. I do this by combining multiple, evidence-based modalities of therapy including internal family systems, somatic embodiment, mindfulness, spirituality and using a person- centered approach, always meeting you where you are at and offering you new ways to understand and explore yourself.

I work with clients through a trauma-informed lens, combining somatic tools that help process and physically release stuck pain and trauma out of the body. Research has shown that stress and trauma impact our nervous system and manifest physically through the many health issues and diagnoses our society is strewed with today. Part of our work together will be identifying those sensations and giving them space to express themselves through a variety of methods including breathwork, EFT (tapping), yoga, dance, and other bilateral stimulation techniques. I also incorporate energy healing (reiki), guided meditations, and visualizations into my work with clients.

My background in community health has given me the opportunity to work in an array of settings as well as a diverse demographic of clients and issues. I am skilled and particularly connected to working with folx of color, as well as issues around body image & disordered eating from a HAES perspective, domestic abuse, relationship & attachment issues, PTSD, as well as, intergenerational trauma, first-generation assimilation/acculturation, addiction, grief, depression, anxiety, career development, and spirituality exploration. I identify as Latina and a BIPOC. As a first-generation college graduate from a Mexican-American family, social justice issues such as racism, education, and healthcare have always been something I am extremely passionate about.

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