Sangeeta Sharma


“I found myself drawn to this field based on my own personal experiences. I want to help destigmatize seeking out mental health support for all communities, especially within the Asian American community. I am someone who strives to make my counseling space to be one of support and empathy.

I am interested in working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Within sessions, I will uphold a safe and compassionate environment, full of benevolent curiosity. I will offer clients a judgment free space, as we create goals and work towards them. I believe everyone is unique, so I work to tailor my approach to each client. I will also integrate Mindfulness and Breathwork into my work.

It is important to note how brave you are as an individual seeking outtherapy. Coming to therapy takes a great deal of courage. I will strive to be someone who supports that courage in any way. Together, in counseling, we will foster a therapeutic relationship, one of trust and transparency. Therapytakes work and time, and for that reason, I hope to have the privilege of assisting you through your healing journey!

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