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EMDR therapy Is a Revolutionary Technique That Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Trauma, Stress & Anxiety

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EMDR Therapy is a fast, Evidence-Based Method for relieving Trauma, PTSD & Anxiety so you can get back to feeling yourself.

Works directly with the architecture of your nervous system to relive the symptoms of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms and syndromes. EMDR works by desensitizing your knee-jerk responses to difficult situations.

More importantly EMDR helps us process and overcome mistaken beliefs about ourselves. things like: I arn not lovable. I am not safe. I am not enough. Too much. We often create these beliefs based on an experience or a series of experiences from childhood. These core mistaken beliefs about ourselves can haunt us our entire lives, sapping our happiness. confidence, dive, and willingness to take risks and get close to others.

By processing (desensitizing) the experiences that make up these beliefs while highlighting all of your strengths. gifts, and beautiful qualities, EMDR allows you to change the very foundation of who you think you are.

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Why choose EMDR Therapy? 

EMDR can help with both the healing of psychological pain and physical discomfort related to trauma, depression. anxiety, self-esteem issues, and other life events. It is used to effectively treat both upsetting past events and present life conditions.

EMDR allows us to work through anxiety, anger, trauma, relationship problems, or any number of issues by working directly with our nervous system to sync our right and left brains to integrate our thoughts and feelings. It has a major advantage over traditional talk therapy in that it changes us on a deeper level so we dont have to ‘remember’ not to be afraid, angry, or hurt – rather. It resolves the emotions so we no longer feel these ways when confronted with problems.

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Interested in EMDR but still have a few questions?

We know you’ve searched for EMDR on the web and now you have a question, request, or both. That’s why we’ve curated some of our most common trauma related requests below. If you are considering EMDR submit the form below to get in touch an a member of our team will get all of your questions answered.

EMDR Therapy is perfect for you if you are...


Someone angry at her husband, through EMDR was able to connect her feelings towards her husband to her feelings growing up in her family. She could see that her husband was not the source of her hurt. was able to forgive her parents, and improved her relationship with her husband from a more loving and accepting perspective.


Fear of public speaking someone has stuttered as a child and was holding his career back by not stepping into leadership positions wh ere he would be speaking in a larger room in front of people. Through EMDR is resolved his childhood insecurity and also connected to a more confident. outgoing, and less carfut part of himself that allowed him to show up at work with more confidence and charisma.


A man who felt he had to make others happy and was afraid of asserting himself EMDR helped in identify and release some beliefs he formed when he was young that came from his experiences with teachers and friends. He had the belief that he didn’t matter and that he would be punished if he expressed himself He let those beliefs go and started experimenting with full expression at work, in his marriage, and with friends and began to see that people responded to him way better than he expected. They liked the new more assertive him.


A woman feared getting together with people because of Covid. Her therapist  used EMDR to desensitize her fear and connect her to how she used to be so she could take reasonable risks to see people without being consumed by anxiety.

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